Acoustic insulation


Acoustic insulation using various techniques according to the individual characteristics of each project. In ATEFRISA we know how important it is to offer a comprehensive and customized service and to this end we develop “turnkey” projects which guarantee the highest quality in our services.

Comprehensive service adapted to the needs of our clients

In all our acoustic insulation projects we carry out the following tasks:

  • 1. Prior survey: It involves approaching the acoustic problem which has given rise to the inquiry, carrying out a general evaluation and establishing the milestones which will be necessary to provide a solution.

  • 2. Engineering: Our engineering department starts evaluating the problems by measuring and recording data on the sources of noise and vibration so as to subsequently carry out the simulation and modelling of the acoustic parameters.

  • 3. Installation: Our work ends with a careful execution by our highly-qualified and specialized staff.


Some of the acoustic insulation solutions we carry out are: