Thermography Energy Efficiency


Thermography enables accurate remote temperature sensing with no need for physical contact with the object to be surveyed. It also enables the capture of the infrared radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum using thermographic or thermovision cameras.

It is often used as a very useful tool in energy audits, both in construction as well as in industry, since it can be used to determine where there are energy leaks.

Termografía y eficiencia energética
We minimize the risk of equipment failure and its consequences

Moreover, due to the fact that most problems and failures in industry due to mechanical, electrical or design-related reasons occur after changes in temperature, this type of service is quite useful to minimize the risk of equipment failure and its possible consequences.

Through thermography we also offer a quality control system of the repairs carried out and in the initial start-up so as to compare its thermographic record.

Thermography, quick and economic method

In these cases thermography can be the quickest and most economic method to estimate certain energy parameters in the installations.